Tuesday, July 26

Not Exactly A Brazilian Work Of Art

1. Pamela Love ring
2. Alexander Wang clutch
3. T By Alexander Wang top
4. Annina Vogel diamond studs
5. Satine skirt
6. Nars eyeshadow duo
7. Louis Vuitton boots

HERRO READERS! I was cursed with horrible hair. That's a lie. It's pretty, but I hate it. So I used to get the japanese straightening treatment, which made my hair too flat which is NOT flattering on my massive head. So now I get the brazilian treatment. Which is a miracle. Unfortunately, I can't get my hair wet for three days, and in this heat, that means no going outside either. I definitely follow closer attention to my stylist's orders than my doctors.

SOOO I'm actually in lounge clothes, and trust me, no one wants to see those. I am no charmer in sweats and glasses. I wore this sweet number to an art gallery opening over the weekend, and I ironically referred to it as my No, I Am Not The Work Of Art outfit. Although, honestly, the skirt and shoes are works of art to me. I would frame them if I didn't prefer to crawl up in a fetal position and nuzzle them instead. The porportions of this ensemble are difficult for me to pull off, because I do not have a model body, however with a few tweaks, it ended up looking fabulous. The shirt half tucked in, the black band compliment my waist, the long skirt making my legs look long, and the open toe booties to remind people that yes, I have skin and I am willing to show it. As shocking as it may be, I kept the jewelry pretty simple which still involves a violent looking ring. I finished the look off with a cat eye done with wet navy shadow and a pale pink highlighting shimmer. I may or may not have tried out a top knot. I may or may not have looked like a jackass. 

Friday, July 22

Unzip My Skirt, And I'll Knock You Out

1. See By Chloé bag
2. Ninh Wysocan earrings
3. Maison Martin Margiela rings
4. Acne top
5. Camilla Skovgaard shoes
6. Joanna Dahdah necklace
7. Acne skirt
8. Shashi bracelets

HEATWAVE! And I'm dressing the part. I can so rarely get away with dressing sexy, but when it's 105 degrees, no one will notice how much skin I'm showing. I might pass out in more clothing. I have to look slutty grandma. It's for my health. And notice, my skirt unzips down the front for easy access. Haha. Just kidding gma.

So I nabbed this Acne skirt the second it was available at Saks. I have about a million leather skirts already, but this one is so different, who could say no? Plus, I am already salivating over it's fall ensemble options. I chose a red asymmetrical Acne top with black accents because if it's as hot as hell outside, I might as well Dress Like The Devil. There's always a theme people. Apparently, I have nothing else important to think about. Spike earrings are devilish. The purse is tiny (thank GOD because no one wants to carry something heavy in the heat) and anything that small has to be evil right? Like a baby. Babies are evil. Spread the word. And how awesome are these rings? Simple, gold, structural, and different. Everything I love. Plus, imagine if some guy got a little handsy on the metro, I could knock him out. I do not support violence. Just violent jewelry. The necklace is new and I probably won't ever take it off, so just assume I'm wearing it everyday. The gray heels and bracelets finish the look with another neutral thrown in for good measure. Enjoy the weekend minions, and stay hydrated!

Thursday, July 21

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Neon

1. Elizabeth And James sunglasses
2. Bobbi Brown eyeshadow
3. A.L.C. dress
4. Tom Binns necklace
5. Dannijo ring
6. Alexander Wang clutch
7. Elizabeth And James shoes

THIRSTY THURSDAY! There's a massive heatwave and it isn't very conducive to stylish dressing, but I say to hell with the sun! I will march on out of my house and brave the heat! For about 30 seconds, on the way to the cab. There's no way in hell I'm hanging outside right now. Sweat ruins suede. Remember that. And remember, My Eyes Are Up Here, Stop Staring At My Neck buddy. But, tonight will be a perfect opportunity to drink about a million ginger martinis. (Just kidding, that's called binge drinking kids. And that's bad. But I promise the ginger prevents ANY hangover. Just sayin.)

SOOO what's more comfortable than a cotton tee dress? A pool filled with cotton balls. Except they get in your mouth. I said comfortable, not tasty. The necklace is the single most amazing piece of jewelry I have ever worn. I love neon and bib necklaces and statement jewelry and rhinestones and dear god, if I could marry this necklace, I would. I'll settle for civil union. You'd think you wouldn't need anymore jewelry right? Wrong. Cause the mannequin just can't help herself. So a ring that doubles as a weapon? Sweet. How freaking cool are these sunglasses? They're dark enough to completely block out the sun and look interesting on top of my head cause I'm staying inside today. I love this clutch, but didn't realize the leather would stick to my underarm today. But, hey, holding a clutch with no hands!! Just sweat! Ew! Finish the look with simple shimmer eyeshadow and I am ready to be a pansy in the AC. 

Wednesday, July 20

Stop, Crop And Roll

1. Meadowlark earrings
2. Witchery clutch
3. Cacheral top
4. Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palette
5. Prism eyeglasses
6. Lover shorts
7. Deborah Lippmann polish in Bring On The Bling
8. Leifsdottir shoes

HAPPY HUMP DAY BLOGWORLD! So cropped tops. Can I say I'm glad that they're acceptable now? I am so very glad. Sure, they aren't appropriate most of the year. Or during most social situations. But I have been waiting for this since middle school, when I used to layer my cropped Calvin Klein gymnastics tee over a tank for school. It was the 90s. I thought I was pretty cool. And today I think I'm VERY cool because My Shirt Is Cropped, And The Jokes Don't Stop. Hmm...maybe I'm stuck in the 90s.

SOOO I also love high waisted pants/shorts/skirts/pajamas/aprons/straight jackets for the same reason I like cropped tops. I have an hourglass figure and the only part I actually like is my waist so I try to highlight it as much as possible. These platforms are gorgeous, the only thing I love more than snake print and neutrals is GOLD! The glasses are huge and awesome and give off a massive nerd vibe, which my hourglass and blonde hair appreciate. Serpents as bows. OH MY KARL yes. The clutch looks very PS1-y, but completely monotone, so I say double yes. Finally, I was very tempted to cover half my body with the nail polish and eyeshadow since they are both so lovely. But then I realized that would create some weird dried clump thing stuff on the little hairs on my arm, so I decided to just put down the cosmetics and walk away. Just say no ms. mannequin. Just. Say. No.

Tuesday, July 19

Look Mom, DIABM Jewelry

DID IT ALL BY MYSELF PROJECTS!!! Admission: I love making things. When I was little, I would make tiny food out of clay. Or 2D paper animals in 3D paper cages. Or my own weebles. Please tell me you all know what weebles are!!! Or lanyards. I also painted little mice on stones and sold them at craft fairs. Then I started making jewelry. Then I started sewing. Then I started knitting. I even needlepoint. 

SOOO I will never stop making things, which means I always have a project going. Right now, I'm working on a ton of jewelry. These are my current inspirations! (1) A mess of rose gold chains as a necklace. (2) Neon friendship bracelets with regular cotton floss. (3) Waxed cotton and gold/silver beads. (4) Waxed cotton and an assortment of beads as a wrap bracelet. (5) More neon floss and rhinestones. (6)  More beads! More waxed cotton! (7) More messy chains, this time as a ring. (8) Glass beads and string as a wrap bracelet. (9) More neon...bored yet? I'M NOT! Gold spikes. (10) Lace dipped in gold/silver and oxidized. (11) More string. More beads. More wrapping. I love this stuff. I will show you pictures of all the final products!

Monday, July 18

Princess And The Pee Frog

1. Rag And Bone dress
2. Iosselliani ring
3. Mulberry bag
4. Deborah Lippmann polish in Waking Up In Vegas
5. Elizabeth And James sunglasses
6. Meadowlark earrings
7. Elizabeth And James ring
8. Brian Atwood shoes

STORYTIME! I wore my Are You Blinded By My Shoes, Or Just Unhappy To See Me outfit Saturday afternoon, on my way to my favorite Italian cafe for a shaken iced espresso (drool) in my car with a friend. All of a sudden R points out that there's a frog on my hood while I'm driving 50 mph. To her, it's no big deal, but I immediately freak out cause I don't want it to fly off and splat on the road. "LOOK AT HIS EYES! HE'S TERRIFIED!" Then, I start feeling bad that he's now miles from his friends and family (because I am that weird). So two girls in heels and dresses are trying to "gently" (which involves a lot of arm flapping) remove a frog from a windshield, where he is undoubtedly frozen in fear, until finally, he jumps off after peeing on my windshield from pure horror. He hops away unscathed. R and I look like we were thrown off a cliff. The end.

SOOO despite my tousled (not in a sexy way) hair and smeared (not in a heroin chic way) makeup, I still managed to remain confident because, well who wouldn't in Rag And Bone and Brian Atwood? Probably a man. A boring, non cross-dressing man of course. The heels feel like jewelry for your feet and the bag is already a classic. I added a knuckle ring, star earrings (like the preteen I am at heart), my go to ring (like the obsessive compulsive I am at heart) and round lenses a la Lennon. And, I get a one of a kind look. Ta Da!

Friday, July 15

So Much Bling, So Little Time

1. Deborah Lippmann polish in I Know What Boys Like
2. Bobbi Brown lipstick in Pink
3. Enza Costa top
4. Z Spoke By Zac Posen bag
5. Carven skirt
6. Ginette_NY ring
7. Ray Ban sunglasses
8. Giuseppe Zanotti shoes

THANK GIUSEPPE IT'S FRIDAY! Oh my, so much to do, so little time. And this weekend won't even be relaxing. So I decided to take advantage of today by putting on my Casual Crystal Friday items. Now, you might be confused, because I'm painting my nails bright blue and wearing pink lipstick. But I didn't use a top coat or line my lips!! I'm living life on the edge!!! Haha. I'm so reckless.

SOOO I decided to wear this shirt half tucked in. I promise it has nothing to do with all the bunching from the shirt tucked in the back. Hmm, if you had to guess what color skirt I'd wear, I bet it'd be gray. And look! I never disappoint. Wait a minute. A black bag. I don't usually use a black bag. I'm mixing things up!!! Shit. There are bows. I'm so predictable. (PS HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE THOSE BOWS???) I might use my simple, sleek, black ray bans more than my own toothbrush. And I brush my teeth A LOT. I was tempted to get this ginette_NY ring monogrammed, but then I decided I could think of something better to etch on there. See what I mean by so much to do?? Just kidding. Kinda. So these shoes. I love these shoes. I love, love, love them. My excuse for wearing them with my casual outfit are the thick heels. Yes, that makes them casual. It isn't weird that I wear them with yoga pants to pick up dry cleaning. Shut up!

Thursday, July 14

Bows And Beers

1. Alice And Olivia dress
2. Proenza Schouler jacket
3. Deborah Lippmann polish in Yellow Brick Road
4. Iosselliani ring
5. Valentino shoes
6. Dannijo bracelet
7. Dannijo earrings
8. Alexander Wang bag

I LOVE BOWS! What? I could be going to a wedding. Or tea...with the Queen...or Sarah Burton. Ok fine. I wore this to happy hour. OK FINE. I wore this to the grocery store. But, in my defense, I knew I wouldn't have time to change before happy hour and I clearly have no shame. In fact, with bows, rhinestones and snakeskin, my Let's Just Pretend, Ms. Burton outfit could be one of my favorites. Til I make a better one tomorrow. Wink. I promise I won't ever wink again.

SOOO I love gray. A draped chiffon gray dress works for every occasion, hence my intro (suspend your disbelief people). And the subtle pleating and asymmetrical hem peeking out from beneath this gorgeous jacket with BOWS? It's almost too pretty to bear. In fact, it is. I did a lot of twirling in front of the frozen dinners. More bows anyone? Huge blush colored patent leather bows? I think yes hell yes. So, I rarely wear pearls and much prefer funkier, edgier jewelry and Dannijo always delivers. I've also decided, after MUCH consideration, that this is my favorite ring. A, because it's sparkly (who saw that coming??), B, because it's silver, yellow gold, AND rose gold (HOLY SMOKES BATMAN), and C, I have a thing for gem shaped metal, like the circular rose gold piece in the four prong setting. Finally, the bag. Oh bag. How I love thee. Tiny, retro, charming, yet edgy. All the things I am not. I'm jealous of a bag. Jeez.

Wednesday, July 13

Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die

1. Kain Label sweater
2. Deborah Lippmann polish in Hit Me With Your Best Shot
3. French Connection clutch
4. Ram earrings
5. Riller And Fount dress
6. Karen Walker sunglasses
7. Vivienne Westwood ring
8. Katie Rowland ring
9. Jeffrey Campbell shoes

NEWSFLASH! IT'S STILL HOT OUT! I posted a beauty update earlier...well SCREW THAT! Nothing is staying on my face and my hair is enjoying an Elaine throwback. (Seinfeld. If you don't get it, you're too young and I apologize for the cursing. Kinda.)

SOOO a jersey dress it is. And since God hates me, it's freaking FREEZING in every office building I enter, so I need my Kain sweater. You might ask, but why LM, why would you wear those shoes? Umm, probably to distract from my insanely shiny face caused by insanely high temperatures. Or because they're fabulous. I would say that louder (or in caps), but I can't pull it off like my favorite demographic can. Anywho, glitter? Yes please. Always. I chose to wear a rose gold ring, a silver ring, and yellow gold earrings. I like mixing metals and metallics. Maybe too much. The wooden panels on the clutch are unique and compliment the shoesies. See??? I can match if I want to. And the polish is a deep navy...shimmery...sparkly concoction. Oh, who cares? Everyone is blinded by my mirror face and Brillo hair anyway.

Sexy Hair, Thick Brows, Metallic Shadows, Pink Lips

1. Living Proof root lifting spray
2. Bobbi Brown long wear metallic cream eyeshadow in Antique Gold
3. Anastasia mechanical brow pencil in Brunette
4. Mac creamsheen lipglass in Just Superb

FIRST BEAUTY POST!!! But don't worry little ones, I'll be posting my outfit also. I know, I really freaked you out for a second. I love doing hair and makeup almost as much as I love getting dressed or tossing water balloons in convertibles, but I used to get stuck in a rut, doing the same looks over and over again. Then I decided to buy a GINORMEOUS corkboard and collect images of looks I love, which I keep right next to my vanity. It definitely worked. Now I spend way too much time trying new things out and my dates are getting pretty pissed that I'm always late. Whatever. I really think the only reason I say yes is so I can get all beautified and not just sit at home watching House in a cocktail dress. ("So, what do you do?" "I'm a consultant." "Ugghh...aren't you all?") These hair and makeup pictures are my current favorites.

Tuesday, July 12

Ugly Duckling To Awkward Swan

1. Acne boots
2. Geren Ford top
3. Pamela Love bracelet
4. Citrine By The Stones cuff
5. Karen Walker sunglasses
6. Acne skirt
7. Proenza Schouler bag
8. Jennifer Meyer rings
9. Kora Kite earrings

STORYTIME! In middle school, I was pretty awkward. Scratch that. I was downright unattractive. Sure, everyone goes through a weird phase, but I was seriously clueless. One day, I had waist length hair, the next, I had a pixie cut. Super short. Then I got glasses. I still thought it was cool to wear bellbottoms and smiley shirts from The Limited, Too. Let's just say, I cannot pull off the androgynous, geek chic hippie. Next time, I'll tell you all about my failed attempt at disco punk in high school. Sigh.

SOOO now I have a much better idea of what works for me, and I don't feel the need to hide my love of all things girly. So here is my A Girl And Her Ruffles outfit. These acne booties are natural linen and have the perfect shape. I always find it difficult to feel comfortable in booties when it's really warm outside, but Acne has found a way to make them easy and summery. As you can probably guess, I love neutral colors like this and mixing and matching them in different textures always works. The top is by Geren Ford, who I love. I think I have enough ruffles in my wardrobe to put the entire Victorian era to shame. Maybe that's a bad thing...but I don't mind. The skirt drapes perfectly and has a cute little clasp in the front. Leave it up to Acne to incorporate subtle details in a basic to make them phenomenal. I love tiny rings, and I think I could stack about 30 one on finger, if only I didn't have to actually use my finger. Both cuffs are statement making, yet basic, so I like to layer those too for effect. The earrings are so different and interesting, I wish I wore them more often. I have a serious new love affair with tortoiseshell and the perfect way to complete this ensemble? Some color. By way of Proenza Schouler. Duh. Turns out that turquoise is perfect for every season. And if you don't believe it, I'll just brainwash you til you do. 

Friday, July 8

I Needed A Sparkle Fix

1. Opening Ceremony dress
2. Elizabeth And James blazer
3. Deborah Lippman polish in Waking Up In Vegas
4. Nars lipstick in Little Darling
5. Majolie earrings
6. Chloé clutch
7. Elizabeth And James boots

FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY: It's couture week! I'm so excited!! It was AMAZING. It's like if I were a drug addict, and all my favorite dealers decided to showcase the drugs somewhere, and I'm allowed to look at them and maybe touch them but I can't have them. Wow...that doesn't sound amazing. Cause then I'd start to feel like my blood itches and I'll just die if I can't have it...yep, actually that's exactly what couture week is like. And in honor of couture week, I'm going to wear (drum roll please)...a reasonably priced cotton dress. 

SOOO this dress is not couture. But it's okay, because the cut is gorgeous and fashion forward AND I threw in some sparkly pieces to snazz up my I Wish I Could Afford Real Couture outfit. Yep. I said snazz. The blazer is metallic and you know how much I love me some metallic. Especially a conservative piece. It's like a business shape, but party fabric. It's the mullet of fashion pieces. The rose gold earrings are beautiful and timeless and SO SPARKLY!!! Did someone mention sparkly? Cause the clutch is a sparkle fan's dream come true. It's like a disco ball in my hand. It's like a glitter monster threw up on a bag. It's like a small constellation of stars. It's like better than sex. And so, because I have blindingly glitterific ears, hands and torso, I kept the shoes and makeup simple. The booties are my go to black boots. They go with everything. The simple nail polish and lipstick keep the palette pretty neutral so you can focus on my earrings and clutch! They're like buckets of diamonds! They're like the sun and the moon! They're like my hopes and dreams manifested! Okay, I went overboard. I just really like sparkly things.

Thursday, July 7

Descartes On The Tarte

1. Rebecca Minkoff laptop sleeve
2. Hermes watch
3. Ohne Titel top
4. Libertine skirt
5. 3.1 Philip Lim eyeglasses
6. Joomi Lim ring
7. Maurie And Eve shoes

Tiny Tidbit: My ex would've loved this outfit. I am shamefully attracted to nerds who dress well think they dress well. So my Eat Your Heart Out, Intellectuals outfit would've really tickled him. He was really into Etro and owned leather pants. In fact, my other ex would've liked this too. He was into pocket watches and was color blind. So, the lesson here is...um...I have horrible taste in men. Thank goodness I have my beautiful shoes to keep me company. Life is good.

SOOO honestly, I really love this outfit. I'm kind of upset that this skirt is so memorable because I would love to get away with wearing it more often. The silhouette is classic, black and white is easy, and the philosophy references are quirky. Plus, I'm wearing my eyeglasses. And my grownup watch. Why grownup you ask? Because my other watch is from swatch and has pictures of cartoon bunnies in different sexual positions. So...that might actually be more grownup...hmm...BUT I DIGRESS. I did actually go to the bookstore for a few hours in this outfit and I swear, if I didn't have blonde hair and a certain bimbo look about me (don't ask), I might actually look smart! Unless, of course, you happen to catch me while I'm pretending to type on my laptop case (cause it looks like a keyboard, get it? get it??) while giggling. So to complete the outfit that at least makes me FEEL smart, the spike ring, cause well, I have to wear outrageous jewelry at all times. And the shoes are my new favorites. They are incredibly cool looking and surprisingly comfortable and sexy.

P.S. Downside to the shoes, I am 6' 2" (!!!) with them on. Which is no big deal...except there are APPARENTLY nerds (who don't even try to dress well) who hang out in bookstores and play Magic The Gathering (you might have to look it up) and have fantasies of Amazonian sized blondes (who can read?) whipping them. Sweet. Next time I come here? Harem pants.

Wednesday, July 6

It's All In The Details

1. Maurie And Eve dress
2. Anya Hindmarch bag
3. Elizabeth And James sunglasses
4. Hermes shoes
5. Reiss leather shorts
6. Deborah Lippman nail polish in Pretty Young Thing
7. Julie K Handbags belt
8. Citrine By The Stones cuff

Newsflash: It's super hot out. And believe it or not, leather does not feel good in these conditions cause it chafes. Don't laugh at me. You all know what I'm talking about. So I put on my Basic Is Not Good Enough For Me outfit, and feel super cool and confident for about 28 seconds until I start to sweat profusely and the chafing begins. The silk shirt starts to cling. Closed toed shoes were a bad idea. Even the cuff feels confining. My makeup ends up on my neck and my hands and eventually on the bag, who knows how. I can't explain these things. But guess what? After 8 hours outside, looking and feeling like that, I am still super stylish. STY-LISH I say.

SOOO this outfit is full of basics with interesting details. This shirt's neckline is certainly an interesting detail and is actually a dress, but a size too small, so it ends up being short enough as a top. Of course, I tucked it in the leather shorts, because these aren't just ANY leather shorts...no, silly reader...they are high waisted with incredibly flattering pleeting in the softest, smoothest leather ever. I found out the hard way that I cannot possibly bend myself into a position to rub my cheek on the leather while the shorts are on. So I may actually enjoy these shorts even more when they're off. And no that isn't a sexual joke. Well, kinda. The tote is magnificant. It features girls from a Go Go Pageant in the 1960s, with a smaller screen print on the inside, with pockets labeled 'phone' and 'lipgloss'. I'm always a sucker for labeled compartments. Always. It's sad. PLUS Anya Hindmarch is one of my favorite bag designers, can you guess why? Can you?? The logo is a freaking bow. I'm such a girl. These sweet sunglasses are different and unexpected, yet simple enough to be a staple. The belt is not a normal gray belt, but a double wrapped gray snakeskin skinny belt. LOVE. Okay, so the cuff doesn't have any special detail, but who can argue with a gold cuff? Besides, it's called a wonder woman cuff. That's right. I'm a super hero. The polish? Peachy pink = perfect summer color every year. Finally, the shoes. Hermes. Ballet flats. With bows. Did someone say bows?? God, I'm so easy to impress.

Tuesday, July 5

Should Not Be Mistaken For Sexy!

1. Lanvin dress
2. Karen Walker sunglasses
3. Steven Alan fedora
4. Iosselliani bracelet
5. Fallon earrings
6. Deborah Lippman nail polish in Yellow Brick Road
7. Rebecca Minkoff shoes

STORYTIME! So I'm strolling down the street in my Running Errands On A Hot Day casual outfit (casual Lanvin...that's funny) and a man says something like "You look like you're incredibly smart and talented" (oops sorry that was my dream where men actually knew what it takes to get a date). He really said "You know you look sexy". And I responded with a reasonable, albeit loud and angry, "WHAT?!? I WAS GOING FOR EFFORTLESSLY PRETTY! NOT SEXY! Dammit!" He gave me a weird look. Weirder than the one he made while mentally undressing every woman who passes by. I wanted to stab him with my earrings. Don't worry, they're tiny, he would barely bleed. BUT another woman gave me a knowing smile. She understood. She didn't judge my outburst. She chooses outrageous adjectives and nicknames for her outfits too. And I love her for it.

SOOO yes, the dress is Lanvin, but as is the genius of Lanvin, it is both simply chic AND incredibly glamourous. We can thank the perfect silhouette and luxurious fabric for that. The amber colored sunglasses look AHHHHMAZING with my fair skin and natural looking highlights that I pay out the ass for. The hat keeps my fair skin on my face, instead of turning red and peeling off in batches, and is so pretty. So so pretty. The bracelet? Well I heart Iosselliani and would literally wear every single thing they have ever made. The Fallon earrings are the perfect size and they're girly glitter meets fashion warrior. Who knew studs could have multiple personalities? I did. I know everything. The yellow polish just makes me smile. LOOK AT IT! It's so sunny!!! Finally, the shoes are insane. Black leather, a wooden wedge AND pebbled metallic accent? WOOHOO!!! It's this type of outfit that makes me run unnecessary errands all day.

Monday, July 4

Independence Day, Dependence Night

1. Chloé aviator sunglasses
2. Deborah Lippmann polish in Happy Birthday
3. Zimmermann bag
4. Smashbox powder
5. Zimmermann bathing suit
6. Bernardo sandals
7. Chan Luu bracelets

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! I hope you're all celebrating the way I celebrate: grilling, consuming copious amounts of alcoholic lemonade (ya, I drink that stuff), pretending we can't use appliances that say 'Made In China' and listening to Bruce Springsteen's 'Born In The USA' on repeat. Nonstop. For 24 hours. You have no choice. It's the 4th.

SOOO Whilst Lounging Around The Pool, I will be wearing this. But forget volleyball because the swimsuit is strapless and after all, the 4th is a family holiday. The cut is gorgeous, the color is festive and the strategically placed ruching is slimming. You'll notice I did not opt for a red polish, because I can't bring myself to actually wear red, white and blue. Instead, I'm wearing a ton of glitter on my nails resembling fireworks. The sandals are just perfect, they have little leather bows. BOWS. Nuff said. I actually stopped myself from piling on about 15 Chan Luu bracelets. It's hard to hold back. The leather adornments on the sunglasses perfectly compliment the sandals and bracelets without being too matchy. And finally that bag! It is the only beach bag I will ever need. Yes, things fall through the holes and you can see my undies tucked in there, but it's worth it. And the Smashbox powder is hydrating and reduces any redness from the attempt at volleyball or the sun. Who am I kidding? It's to hide the flushed cheeks from drinking too much. Ahhh, I love displays of nationalism.