Wednesday, July 13

Sexy Hair, Thick Brows, Metallic Shadows, Pink Lips

1. Living Proof root lifting spray
2. Bobbi Brown long wear metallic cream eyeshadow in Antique Gold
3. Anastasia mechanical brow pencil in Brunette
4. Mac creamsheen lipglass in Just Superb

FIRST BEAUTY POST!!! But don't worry little ones, I'll be posting my outfit also. I know, I really freaked you out for a second. I love doing hair and makeup almost as much as I love getting dressed or tossing water balloons in convertibles, but I used to get stuck in a rut, doing the same looks over and over again. Then I decided to buy a GINORMEOUS corkboard and collect images of looks I love, which I keep right next to my vanity. It definitely worked. Now I spend way too much time trying new things out and my dates are getting pretty pissed that I'm always late. Whatever. I really think the only reason I say yes is so I can get all beautified and not just sit at home watching House in a cocktail dress. ("So, what do you do?" "I'm a consultant." "Ugghh...aren't you all?") These hair and makeup pictures are my current favorites.

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