Tuesday, July 26

Not Exactly A Brazilian Work Of Art

1. Pamela Love ring
2. Alexander Wang clutch
3. T By Alexander Wang top
4. Annina Vogel diamond studs
5. Satine skirt
6. Nars eyeshadow duo
7. Louis Vuitton boots

HERRO READERS! I was cursed with horrible hair. That's a lie. It's pretty, but I hate it. So I used to get the japanese straightening treatment, which made my hair too flat which is NOT flattering on my massive head. So now I get the brazilian treatment. Which is a miracle. Unfortunately, I can't get my hair wet for three days, and in this heat, that means no going outside either. I definitely follow closer attention to my stylist's orders than my doctors.

SOOO I'm actually in lounge clothes, and trust me, no one wants to see those. I am no charmer in sweats and glasses. I wore this sweet number to an art gallery opening over the weekend, and I ironically referred to it as my No, I Am Not The Work Of Art outfit. Although, honestly, the skirt and shoes are works of art to me. I would frame them if I didn't prefer to crawl up in a fetal position and nuzzle them instead. The porportions of this ensemble are difficult for me to pull off, because I do not have a model body, however with a few tweaks, it ended up looking fabulous. The shirt half tucked in, the black band compliment my waist, the long skirt making my legs look long, and the open toe booties to remind people that yes, I have skin and I am willing to show it. As shocking as it may be, I kept the jewelry pretty simple which still involves a violent looking ring. I finished the look off with a cat eye done with wet navy shadow and a pale pink highlighting shimmer. I may or may not have tried out a top knot. I may or may not have looked like a jackass. 

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