Wednesday, July 20

Stop, Crop And Roll

1. Meadowlark earrings
2. Witchery clutch
3. Cacheral top
4. Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palette
5. Prism eyeglasses
6. Lover shorts
7. Deborah Lippmann polish in Bring On The Bling
8. Leifsdottir shoes

HAPPY HUMP DAY BLOGWORLD! So cropped tops. Can I say I'm glad that they're acceptable now? I am so very glad. Sure, they aren't appropriate most of the year. Or during most social situations. But I have been waiting for this since middle school, when I used to layer my cropped Calvin Klein gymnastics tee over a tank for school. It was the 90s. I thought I was pretty cool. And today I think I'm VERY cool because My Shirt Is Cropped, And The Jokes Don't Stop. Hmm...maybe I'm stuck in the 90s.

SOOO I also love high waisted pants/shorts/skirts/pajamas/aprons/straight jackets for the same reason I like cropped tops. I have an hourglass figure and the only part I actually like is my waist so I try to highlight it as much as possible. These platforms are gorgeous, the only thing I love more than snake print and neutrals is GOLD! The glasses are huge and awesome and give off a massive nerd vibe, which my hourglass and blonde hair appreciate. Serpents as bows. OH MY KARL yes. The clutch looks very PS1-y, but completely monotone, so I say double yes. Finally, I was very tempted to cover half my body with the nail polish and eyeshadow since they are both so lovely. But then I realized that would create some weird dried clump thing stuff on the little hairs on my arm, so I decided to just put down the cosmetics and walk away. Just say no ms. mannequin. Just. Say. No.

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