Friday, July 8

I Needed A Sparkle Fix

1. Opening Ceremony dress
2. Elizabeth And James blazer
3. Deborah Lippman polish in Waking Up In Vegas
4. Nars lipstick in Little Darling
5. Majolie earrings
6. ChloƩ clutch
7. Elizabeth And James boots

FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY: It's couture week! I'm so excited!! It was AMAZING. It's like if I were a drug addict, and all my favorite dealers decided to showcase the drugs somewhere, and I'm allowed to look at them and maybe touch them but I can't have them. Wow...that doesn't sound amazing. Cause then I'd start to feel like my blood itches and I'll just die if I can't have it...yep, actually that's exactly what couture week is like. And in honor of couture week, I'm going to wear (drum roll please)...a reasonably priced cotton dress. 

SOOO this dress is not couture. But it's okay, because the cut is gorgeous and fashion forward AND I threw in some sparkly pieces to snazz up my I Wish I Could Afford Real Couture outfit. Yep. I said snazz. The blazer is metallic and you know how much I love me some metallic. Especially a conservative piece. It's like a business shape, but party fabric. It's the mullet of fashion pieces. The rose gold earrings are beautiful and timeless and SO SPARKLY!!! Did someone mention sparkly? Cause the clutch is a sparkle fan's dream come true. It's like a disco ball in my hand. It's like a glitter monster threw up on a bag. It's like a small constellation of stars. It's like better than sex. And so, because I have blindingly glitterific ears, hands and torso, I kept the shoes and makeup simple. The booties are my go to black boots. They go with everything. The simple nail polish and lipstick keep the palette pretty neutral so you can focus on my earrings and clutch! They're like buckets of diamonds! They're like the sun and the moon! They're like my hopes and dreams manifested! Okay, I went overboard. I just really like sparkly things.

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