Monday, July 4

Independence Day, Dependence Night

1. Chloé aviator sunglasses
2. Deborah Lippmann polish in Happy Birthday
3. Zimmermann bag
4. Smashbox powder
5. Zimmermann bathing suit
6. Bernardo sandals
7. Chan Luu bracelets

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! I hope you're all celebrating the way I celebrate: grilling, consuming copious amounts of alcoholic lemonade (ya, I drink that stuff), pretending we can't use appliances that say 'Made In China' and listening to Bruce Springsteen's 'Born In The USA' on repeat. Nonstop. For 24 hours. You have no choice. It's the 4th.

SOOO Whilst Lounging Around The Pool, I will be wearing this. But forget volleyball because the swimsuit is strapless and after all, the 4th is a family holiday. The cut is gorgeous, the color is festive and the strategically placed ruching is slimming. You'll notice I did not opt for a red polish, because I can't bring myself to actually wear red, white and blue. Instead, I'm wearing a ton of glitter on my nails resembling fireworks. The sandals are just perfect, they have little leather bows. BOWS. Nuff said. I actually stopped myself from piling on about 15 Chan Luu bracelets. It's hard to hold back. The leather adornments on the sunglasses perfectly compliment the sandals and bracelets without being too matchy. And finally that bag! It is the only beach bag I will ever need. Yes, things fall through the holes and you can see my undies tucked in there, but it's worth it. And the Smashbox powder is hydrating and reduces any redness from the attempt at volleyball or the sun. Who am I kidding? It's to hide the flushed cheeks from drinking too much. Ahhh, I love displays of nationalism.

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