Thursday, July 21

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Neon

1. Elizabeth And James sunglasses
2. Bobbi Brown eyeshadow
3. A.L.C. dress
4. Tom Binns necklace
5. Dannijo ring
6. Alexander Wang clutch
7. Elizabeth And James shoes

THIRSTY THURSDAY! There's a massive heatwave and it isn't very conducive to stylish dressing, but I say to hell with the sun! I will march on out of my house and brave the heat! For about 30 seconds, on the way to the cab. There's no way in hell I'm hanging outside right now. Sweat ruins suede. Remember that. And remember, My Eyes Are Up Here, Stop Staring At My Neck buddy. But, tonight will be a perfect opportunity to drink about a million ginger martinis. (Just kidding, that's called binge drinking kids. And that's bad. But I promise the ginger prevents ANY hangover. Just sayin.)

SOOO what's more comfortable than a cotton tee dress? A pool filled with cotton balls. Except they get in your mouth. I said comfortable, not tasty. The necklace is the single most amazing piece of jewelry I have ever worn. I love neon and bib necklaces and statement jewelry and rhinestones and dear god, if I could marry this necklace, I would. I'll settle for civil union. You'd think you wouldn't need anymore jewelry right? Wrong. Cause the mannequin just can't help herself. So a ring that doubles as a weapon? Sweet. How freaking cool are these sunglasses? They're dark enough to completely block out the sun and look interesting on top of my head cause I'm staying inside today. I love this clutch, but didn't realize the leather would stick to my underarm today. But, hey, holding a clutch with no hands!! Just sweat! Ew! Finish the look with simple shimmer eyeshadow and I am ready to be a pansy in the AC. 

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