Wednesday, July 6

It's All In The Details

1. Maurie And Eve dress
2. Anya Hindmarch bag
3. Elizabeth And James sunglasses
4. Hermes shoes
5. Reiss leather shorts
6. Deborah Lippman nail polish in Pretty Young Thing
7. Julie K Handbags belt
8. Citrine By The Stones cuff

Newsflash: It's super hot out. And believe it or not, leather does not feel good in these conditions cause it chafes. Don't laugh at me. You all know what I'm talking about. So I put on my Basic Is Not Good Enough For Me outfit, and feel super cool and confident for about 28 seconds until I start to sweat profusely and the chafing begins. The silk shirt starts to cling. Closed toed shoes were a bad idea. Even the cuff feels confining. My makeup ends up on my neck and my hands and eventually on the bag, who knows how. I can't explain these things. But guess what? After 8 hours outside, looking and feeling like that, I am still super stylish. STY-LISH I say.

SOOO this outfit is full of basics with interesting details. This shirt's neckline is certainly an interesting detail and is actually a dress, but a size too small, so it ends up being short enough as a top. Of course, I tucked it in the leather shorts, because these aren't just ANY leather, silly reader...they are high waisted with incredibly flattering pleeting in the softest, smoothest leather ever. I found out the hard way that I cannot possibly bend myself into a position to rub my cheek on the leather while the shorts are on. So I may actually enjoy these shorts even more when they're off. And no that isn't a sexual joke. Well, kinda. The tote is magnificant. It features girls from a Go Go Pageant in the 1960s, with a smaller screen print on the inside, with pockets labeled 'phone' and 'lipgloss'. I'm always a sucker for labeled compartments. Always. It's sad. PLUS Anya Hindmarch is one of my favorite bag designers, can you guess why? Can you?? The logo is a freaking bow. I'm such a girl. These sweet sunglasses are different and unexpected, yet simple enough to be a staple. The belt is not a normal gray belt, but a double wrapped gray snakeskin skinny belt. LOVE. Okay, so the cuff doesn't have any special detail, but who can argue with a gold cuff? Besides, it's called a wonder woman cuff. That's right. I'm a super hero. The polish? Peachy pink = perfect summer color every year. Finally, the shoes. Hermes. Ballet flats. With bows. Did someone say bows?? God, I'm so easy to impress.

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