Thursday, July 7

Descartes On The Tarte

1. Rebecca Minkoff laptop sleeve
2. Hermes watch
3. Ohne Titel top
4. Libertine skirt
5. 3.1 Philip Lim eyeglasses
6. Joomi Lim ring
7. Maurie And Eve shoes

Tiny Tidbit: My ex would've loved this outfit. I am shamefully attracted to nerds who dress well think they dress well. So my Eat Your Heart Out, Intellectuals outfit would've really tickled him. He was really into Etro and owned leather pants. In fact, my other ex would've liked this too. He was into pocket watches and was color blind. So, the lesson here have horrible taste in men. Thank goodness I have my beautiful shoes to keep me company. Life is good.

SOOO honestly, I really love this outfit. I'm kind of upset that this skirt is so memorable because I would love to get away with wearing it more often. The silhouette is classic, black and white is easy, and the philosophy references are quirky. Plus, I'm wearing my eyeglasses. And my grownup watch. Why grownup you ask? Because my other watch is from swatch and has pictures of cartoon bunnies in different sexual positions. So...that might actually be more grownup...hmm...BUT I DIGRESS. I did actually go to the bookstore for a few hours in this outfit and I swear, if I didn't have blonde hair and a certain bimbo look about me (don't ask), I might actually look smart! Unless, of course, you happen to catch me while I'm pretending to type on my laptop case (cause it looks like a keyboard, get it? get it??) while giggling. So to complete the outfit that at least makes me FEEL smart, the spike ring, cause well, I have to wear outrageous jewelry at all times. And the shoes are my new favorites. They are incredibly cool looking and surprisingly comfortable and sexy.

P.S. Downside to the shoes, I am 6' 2" (!!!) with them on. Which is no big deal...except there are APPARENTLY nerds (who don't even try to dress well) who hang out in bookstores and play Magic The Gathering (you might have to look it up) and have fantasies of Amazonian sized blondes (who can read?) whipping them. Sweet. Next time I come here? Harem pants.

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