Tuesday, July 19

Look Mom, DIABM Jewelry

DID IT ALL BY MYSELF PROJECTS!!! Admission: I love making things. When I was little, I would make tiny food out of clay. Or 2D paper animals in 3D paper cages. Or my own weebles. Please tell me you all know what weebles are!!! Or lanyards. I also painted little mice on stones and sold them at craft fairs. Then I started making jewelry. Then I started sewing. Then I started knitting. I even needlepoint. 

SOOO I will never stop making things, which means I always have a project going. Right now, I'm working on a ton of jewelry. These are my current inspirations! (1) A mess of rose gold chains as a necklace. (2) Neon friendship bracelets with regular cotton floss. (3) Waxed cotton and gold/silver beads. (4) Waxed cotton and an assortment of beads as a wrap bracelet. (5) More neon floss and rhinestones. (6)  More beads! More waxed cotton! (7) More messy chains, this time as a ring. (8) Glass beads and string as a wrap bracelet. (9) More neon...bored yet? I'M NOT! Gold spikes. (10) Lace dipped in gold/silver and oxidized. (11) More string. More beads. More wrapping. I love this stuff. I will show you pictures of all the final products!

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