Tuesday, July 12

Ugly Duckling To Awkward Swan

1. Acne boots
2. Geren Ford top
3. Pamela Love bracelet
4. Citrine By The Stones cuff
5. Karen Walker sunglasses
6. Acne skirt
7. Proenza Schouler bag
8. Jennifer Meyer rings
9. Kora Kite earrings

STORYTIME! In middle school, I was pretty awkward. Scratch that. I was downright unattractive. Sure, everyone goes through a weird phase, but I was seriously clueless. One day, I had waist length hair, the next, I had a pixie cut. Super short. Then I got glasses. I still thought it was cool to wear bellbottoms and smiley shirts from The Limited, Too. Let's just say, I cannot pull off the androgynous, geek chic hippie. Next time, I'll tell you all about my failed attempt at disco punk in high school. Sigh.

SOOO now I have a much better idea of what works for me, and I don't feel the need to hide my love of all things girly. So here is my A Girl And Her Ruffles outfit. These acne booties are natural linen and have the perfect shape. I always find it difficult to feel comfortable in booties when it's really warm outside, but Acne has found a way to make them easy and summery. As you can probably guess, I love neutral colors like this and mixing and matching them in different textures always works. The top is by Geren Ford, who I love. I think I have enough ruffles in my wardrobe to put the entire Victorian era to shame. Maybe that's a bad thing...but I don't mind. The skirt drapes perfectly and has a cute little clasp in the front. Leave it up to Acne to incorporate subtle details in a basic to make them phenomenal. I love tiny rings, and I think I could stack about 30 one on finger, if only I didn't have to actually use my finger. Both cuffs are statement making, yet basic, so I like to layer those too for effect. The earrings are so different and interesting, I wish I wore them more often. I have a serious new love affair with tortoiseshell and the perfect way to complete this ensemble? Some color. By way of Proenza Schouler. Duh. Turns out that turquoise is perfect for every season. And if you don't believe it, I'll just brainwash you til you do. 

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