Tuesday, July 5

Should Not Be Mistaken For Sexy!

1. Lanvin dress
2. Karen Walker sunglasses
3. Steven Alan fedora
4. Iosselliani bracelet
5. Fallon earrings
6. Deborah Lippman nail polish in Yellow Brick Road
7. Rebecca Minkoff shoes

STORYTIME! So I'm strolling down the street in my Running Errands On A Hot Day casual outfit (casual Lanvin...that's funny) and a man says something like "You look like you're incredibly smart and talented" (oops sorry that was my dream where men actually knew what it takes to get a date). He really said "You know you look sexy". And I responded with a reasonable, albeit loud and angry, "WHAT?!? I WAS GOING FOR EFFORTLESSLY PRETTY! NOT SEXY! Dammit!" He gave me a weird look. Weirder than the one he made while mentally undressing every woman who passes by. I wanted to stab him with my earrings. Don't worry, they're tiny, he would barely bleed. BUT another woman gave me a knowing smile. She understood. She didn't judge my outburst. She chooses outrageous adjectives and nicknames for her outfits too. And I love her for it.

SOOO yes, the dress is Lanvin, but as is the genius of Lanvin, it is both simply chic AND incredibly glamourous. We can thank the perfect silhouette and luxurious fabric for that. The amber colored sunglasses look AHHHHMAZING with my fair skin and natural looking highlights that I pay out the ass for. The hat keeps my fair skin on my face, instead of turning red and peeling off in batches, and is so pretty. So so pretty. The bracelet? Well I heart Iosselliani and would literally wear every single thing they have ever made. The Fallon earrings are the perfect size and they're girly glitter meets fashion warrior. Who knew studs could have multiple personalities? I did. I know everything. The yellow polish just makes me smile. LOOK AT IT! It's so sunny!!! Finally, the shoes are insane. Black leather, a wooden wedge AND pebbled metallic accent? WOOHOO!!! It's this type of outfit that makes me run unnecessary errands all day.

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