Friday, July 15

So Much Bling, So Little Time

1. Deborah Lippmann polish in I Know What Boys Like
2. Bobbi Brown lipstick in Pink
3. Enza Costa top
4. Z Spoke By Zac Posen bag
5. Carven skirt
6. Ginette_NY ring
7. Ray Ban sunglasses
8. Giuseppe Zanotti shoes

THANK GIUSEPPE IT'S FRIDAY! Oh my, so much to do, so little time. And this weekend won't even be relaxing. So I decided to take advantage of today by putting on my Casual Crystal Friday items. Now, you might be confused, because I'm painting my nails bright blue and wearing pink lipstick. But I didn't use a top coat or line my lips!! I'm living life on the edge!!! Haha. I'm so reckless.

SOOO I decided to wear this shirt half tucked in. I promise it has nothing to do with all the bunching from the shirt tucked in the back. Hmm, if you had to guess what color skirt I'd wear, I bet it'd be gray. And look! I never disappoint. Wait a minute. A black bag. I don't usually use a black bag. I'm mixing things up!!! Shit. There are bows. I'm so predictable. (PS HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE THOSE BOWS???) I might use my simple, sleek, black ray bans more than my own toothbrush. And I brush my teeth A LOT. I was tempted to get this ginette_NY ring monogrammed, but then I decided I could think of something better to etch on there. See what I mean by so much to do?? Just kidding. Kinda. So these shoes. I love these shoes. I love, love, love them. My excuse for wearing them with my casual outfit are the thick heels. Yes, that makes them casual. It isn't weird that I wear them with yoga pants to pick up dry cleaning. Shut up!

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  1. I love how you paired a basic white tee with a nice skirt and those amazing heels! It makes the look sophisticated, but also down to earth.