Friday, July 22

Unzip My Skirt, And I'll Knock You Out

1. See By Chloé bag
2. Ninh Wysocan earrings
3. Maison Martin Margiela rings
4. Acne top
5. Camilla Skovgaard shoes
6. Joanna Dahdah necklace
7. Acne skirt
8. Shashi bracelets

HEATWAVE! And I'm dressing the part. I can so rarely get away with dressing sexy, but when it's 105 degrees, no one will notice how much skin I'm showing. I might pass out in more clothing. I have to look slutty grandma. It's for my health. And notice, my skirt unzips down the front for easy access. Haha. Just kidding gma.

So I nabbed this Acne skirt the second it was available at Saks. I have about a million leather skirts already, but this one is so different, who could say no? Plus, I am already salivating over it's fall ensemble options. I chose a red asymmetrical Acne top with black accents because if it's as hot as hell outside, I might as well Dress Like The Devil. There's always a theme people. Apparently, I have nothing else important to think about. Spike earrings are devilish. The purse is tiny (thank GOD because no one wants to carry something heavy in the heat) and anything that small has to be evil right? Like a baby. Babies are evil. Spread the word. And how awesome are these rings? Simple, gold, structural, and different. Everything I love. Plus, imagine if some guy got a little handsy on the metro, I could knock him out. I do not support violence. Just violent jewelry. The necklace is new and I probably won't ever take it off, so just assume I'm wearing it everyday. The gray heels and bracelets finish the look with another neutral thrown in for good measure. Enjoy the weekend minions, and stay hydrated!

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