Thursday, July 14

Bows And Beers

1. Alice And Olivia dress
2. Proenza Schouler jacket
3. Deborah Lippmann polish in Yellow Brick Road
4. Iosselliani ring
5. Valentino shoes
6. Dannijo bracelet
7. Dannijo earrings
8. Alexander Wang bag

I LOVE BOWS! What? I could be going to a wedding. Or tea...with the Queen...or Sarah Burton. Ok fine. I wore this to happy hour. OK FINE. I wore this to the grocery store. But, in my defense, I knew I wouldn't have time to change before happy hour and I clearly have no shame. In fact, with bows, rhinestones and snakeskin, my Let's Just Pretend, Ms. Burton outfit could be one of my favorites. Til I make a better one tomorrow. Wink. I promise I won't ever wink again.

SOOO I love gray. A draped chiffon gray dress works for every occasion, hence my intro (suspend your disbelief people). And the subtle pleating and asymmetrical hem peeking out from beneath this gorgeous jacket with BOWS? It's almost too pretty to bear. In fact, it is. I did a lot of twirling in front of the frozen dinners. More bows anyone? Huge blush colored patent leather bows? I think yes hell yes. So, I rarely wear pearls and much prefer funkier, edgier jewelry and Dannijo always delivers. I've also decided, after MUCH consideration, that this is my favorite ring. A, because it's sparkly (who saw that coming??), B, because it's silver, yellow gold, AND rose gold (HOLY SMOKES BATMAN), and C, I have a thing for gem shaped metal, like the circular rose gold piece in the four prong setting. Finally, the bag. Oh bag. How I love thee. Tiny, retro, charming, yet edgy. All the things I am not. I'm jealous of a bag. Jeez.

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