Monday, July 18

Princess And The Pee Frog

1. Rag And Bone dress
2. Iosselliani ring
3. Mulberry bag
4. Deborah Lippmann polish in Waking Up In Vegas
5. Elizabeth And James sunglasses
6. Meadowlark earrings
7. Elizabeth And James ring
8. Brian Atwood shoes

STORYTIME! I wore my Are You Blinded By My Shoes, Or Just Unhappy To See Me outfit Saturday afternoon, on my way to my favorite Italian cafe for a shaken iced espresso (drool) in my car with a friend. All of a sudden R points out that there's a frog on my hood while I'm driving 50 mph. To her, it's no big deal, but I immediately freak out cause I don't want it to fly off and splat on the road. "LOOK AT HIS EYES! HE'S TERRIFIED!" Then, I start feeling bad that he's now miles from his friends and family (because I am that weird). So two girls in heels and dresses are trying to "gently" (which involves a lot of arm flapping) remove a frog from a windshield, where he is undoubtedly frozen in fear, until finally, he jumps off after peeing on my windshield from pure horror. He hops away unscathed. R and I look like we were thrown off a cliff. The end.

SOOO despite my tousled (not in a sexy way) hair and smeared (not in a heroin chic way) makeup, I still managed to remain confident because, well who wouldn't in Rag And Bone and Brian Atwood? Probably a man. A boring, non cross-dressing man of course. The heels feel like jewelry for your feet and the bag is already a classic. I added a knuckle ring, star earrings (like the preteen I am at heart), my go to ring (like the obsessive compulsive I am at heart) and round lenses a la Lennon. And, I get a one of a kind look. Ta Da!

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